Go online with all your strength!

A website is a powerful tool of communication which nobody can live without today.
Both small businesses and large enterprises should have a website to represent them in an official way on the web in order to have a dynamic and globally visible tool to spread their brand identity to the market. This also applies to all other organizations that have the need to be in the web.

To create a successful website it surely has to be aesthetically attractive, but no only. It also has to be a tool that maximizes the extreme effectiveness of the message that you intend to communicate on the web. Pikit creates websites designed and developed with the utmost care and experience in order to spread your message in a more professional and effective way, always in line with the latest trends and innovations in terms of Web design and web user experience.

How many kinds of websites exist?

Behind the word "website" you can find many meanings. In fact there are different types of websites depending on the required functionality and needs that the website has to match.


These kinds of websites are suitable for people or businesses that do not have much expectation but only the need to be online with their own personal page with little information. A simple description, a contact page or an online Curriculum Vitae. This solution requires a small investment and it is a valuable starting point for the construction of a more complex corporate or personal website.


Before the advent of the Internet, companies used media such as print, radio and television as a primary means of communication. Today the network is undoubtedly the most powerful tool, it’s a system that allows you to reach millions of people in less than a second. The creation of a corporate website or an online catalog is the best way to present your company and its products to the world. In fact it’s possible to disseminate information and pictures of your products or services and capture the attention of potential customers.


Millions of small businesses already use their websites to sell products all over the world through the internet. Almost everything that can be sold in a physical store can also be sold online with a much lower investment and a potential that extends globally. Customers from every place of the world can buy your products directly from your e-commerce web site with a few clicks using the most modern and secure online payment methods such as paypal or credit card.


This solution is designed for photographers, artists, craftsmen or designers who need to show their work portfolio to the world. A site of this kind features a large quantity of high quality photographic images that help to show the works created. It’s also very important, for this kind of websites, to provide the site manager of a system to independently and easily manage the contents of its site in order to keep the site updated with the latest works and news.


Not just people and companies use the web to bring their products and services. Internet is also a valuable channel through which governments and institutions reach citizens and users to inform them about their activities and to offer them online services. It is also important to remember that institutional sites users are the entire population so it becomes important to provide them with a structure to ensures that everyone can easily access and easy navigate the website.


The word Blog has become of daily use for those who are used to surf the web. But what exactly is a blog? Its name comes from the blending of two words: web and log. The purpose of a blog is to create an online journal (a log in fact) where you can share experiences, activities, reviews and anything you might want to share. Blogs often have a specific connotation that relate to a particular topic or subject. There are blogs about tourism, sports, music, photography, etc… Blogs are a powerful tools for businesses too. Through a corporate blog a company can strengthen its brand awareness and help the SEO (Search Engine Optimization).


Many associations, foundations, and other non-profit organization need a website to show their activities, initiatives, to spread or to advertise campaigns to collect funds. Pikit has a specific offer with the most useful tools for the online management of a nonprofit institution website.


The use of mobile devices such as mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, etc… is constantly growing among the population. So it becomes important to create a website which is suitable for such devices. A common problem in fact is that standard websites are sometimes hard to navigate on a mobile device because of longer loading times and non-optimized interface. Therefore everyone should consider the possibility to adapt his website to the standards, optimizing it for mobile devices in order to achieve an easier navigation and a better user experience.


It’s commonly known that newspapers and magazines are focused on the publications of printed products, physically distributed on the territory. Many of these, however, realized that the world of media and news is changing and began to need a tool to diffuse news quickly and widely distributed. The only tool that makes this possible is a website that works as a container of news, constantly updated and visible from everywhere on the planet. The structure of a site created for information purposes must therefore satisfy the need to inform the visitors and categorize news into topics for an easy navigation.


Musicians, bands and composers all need a website that fits to their profession. If you are a music professional then you know you need a universal communication tool by which you can show your works and that allows you to take relations and contacts with other professionals or potential customers. In addition, a dedicated website for your category lets you keep publications or dates of concerts and events up dated. This is why we have designed this web package dedicated to musicians and bands, we want to allow them to take full advantage of the power of the web.

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